Our Suppliers

Below are links to more information about our Aussie Suppliers. Their products and services featured on this site meet our Australian Guarantee guide lines.

To view their products go to the SEARCH tab and view in ‘Categories’. Suppliers identified with * at the end of their name.

  • Adamspure


    Adamspure are a small boutique skin care company focusing on natural products and the highest quality ingredients. The Adamspure story...

  • Next Generation Supplements

    Next Generation Supplements

    Commencing operations in 2004, Next Generation Supplements (NGS) was founded by Eddy Tannourji, a former policeman and gym owner. Involved...

  • Mermaid Leather

    Mermaid Leather

    Mermaid Leather’s humble beginnings were inspired by professional fishermen, R.W. Bubb and Andrew MacDermott in 1989 who saw a need...

  • Trailmaster Industries

    Trailmaster Industries

    Trailmaster Industries are an Australian business operated by a passionate team of quality focused individuals, in the north east of...

  • AJ Products

    AJ Products

    AJ Products are a South Australian company that provides natural organic supplements which benefit both plants and animals. Back in...

  • Kangaroo Island Sea Salt

    Kangaroo Island Sea Salt

    Kangaroo Island Sea Salt commenced in September 2018, is a husband & wife team. They harvest sea water from Vivonne...



    Body & Soul Health Products Pty Ltd is a family business, and our valued customers are at the heart of...

  • Amaze Products

    Amaze Products

    The Amaze Products brand is administered by K-Van Promotions which is a 100% AUSTRALIAN family OWNED & OPERATED COMPANY. They...

  • Stem Organics

    Stem Organics

    At Stem Organics, we believe everything you touch, or that touches you, matters. Our philosophy is that the best skincare...