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Back in the 60′s there was an advertising campaign saying “Buy Australian and your money comes back to you”, every school boy and girl was taught to buy Australian.

Sadly this doesn’t happen today.

There are a multitude of businesses in Australia that produce quality Australian Made or grown Products for sale, regional, nationally and around the world. Many of these businesses are small and are in regional Australia. Businesses owned and staffed by Aussies who wish to widen their sales opportunities, improve their sustainability and support Australian innovation and development.

Interest expressed by consumers is demonstrating that this site will grow to become tomorrow’s showcase of quality Australian made or grown products. Our ultimate, would be to showcase every Aussie made or grown product in one convenient address. If your favourite Aussie made or grown product is not listed on Showcase of Aussie Products … “suggest it to them and we all win”

By using this site, you will become one of our growing numbers of supporters.

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Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products