Our Suppliers

Below are links to more information about our Aussie Suppliers. Their products and services featured on this site meet our Australian Guarantee guide lines.

To view their products go to the SEARCH tab and view in ‘Categories’. Suppliers identified with * at the end of their name.

  • Classic Malibu

    Classic Malibu

    When Peter And Janet White launched the Classic Malibu label some 33 years ago they were the only manufacturers and...

  • Macadamias Australia

    Macadamias Australia

    Macadamias Australia is a division of Steinhardt Corporation. Started by Ron & Marion Steinhardt in 1958, the Steinhardt Corporation today...

  • Australis Canoes Pty Ltd

    Australis Canoes Pty Ltd

    Australis is the largest “100% All Aussie” designer and manufacturer of plastic canoes, kayaks, sea kayaks and sit-on-tops in Australia....

  • Woofing Wonders

    Woofing Wonders

    Woofing Wonders was founded by Jilly Pleiter in 2014 when the family moved back home to Perth after being overseas...

  • Koala Tea Company

    Koala Tea Company

    The rich soils of a plateau between lush old growth rainforests in Northern New South Wales, Australia, is the land...

  • Shady Gear Australia

    Shady Gear Australia

    Our Shady Director started us on this journey to find some products that would make our camping adventures comfortable. We...

  • Exton and Bond

    Exton and Bond

    Hi, my name is John and I have been an enthusiastic and committed primary school teacher for over 30 years....

  • Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd

    Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions

    Tassie Salmon Fish Oil products are proudly manufactured by Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd in South Australia....

  • Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd

    Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd

    Y-Not Natural‘s vision seeks to provide the highest quality natural skin care products, which help nourish the entire body. Y-Not...