McLaren Vale Lavender – Lavender & Wheat Healing Cushion

Lavender & Wheat Healing Bag.

McLaren Vale LavenderLavender & Wheat Healing Cushion contains 100% natural wheat and lavender, ready to be used for multiple therapeutic applications. The essential oil of lavender is released when the bag is activated through heat, allowing the user to receive the benefits of Aromatherapy. The heat bag emits a delightful fragrance to comfort, and assist in the relief of aches, pains, tension and stress.

Place the heat bag in the microwave on high for 1-4 minutes [time will vary according to the voltage of the microwave], or a moderate oven for 10-15 minutes.

Over time and with constant use, the fragrance of lavender will diminish. A drop or 2 of McLaren Vale Lavender essential oil can be sprinkled onto the cushion [only after it is heated] to further intensify the healing and calming properties of the heat bag.

To use as a cold pack, simply place into a plastic bag and put into the freezer.

McLaren Vale Lavender recommend their healing bag be used in conjunction with Emulint Treatment Oil and Emulint Rub, for the relief of muscular, arthritic, joint pain, stiffness and swelling.

SIZE: 470 mm long x 120 mm – sown in 3 sections for even distribution of heat.
WEIGHT: 600gms

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