Terms of Agreement

The following is a copy of the “Terms of Agreement” between Showcase of Aussie Products and potential businesses who wish to list their products.

After reading these “Terms of Agreement” if you wish to join Showcase of Aussie Products please Email for formal copy to get started.


The intent of this document is to set out the Terms of Arrangement between Showcase of Aussie Products and ‘The Client‘.

Showcase of Aussie Products will:
1. ListThe Client’s‘ Genuine Australian manufactured* or grown products on Showcase of Aussie Products. The ONLY COST is a $150.00 Annual Subscription Fee to be featured on Showcase of Aussie website. There are no commissions or any other costs. No work will commence until payment is made. Invoice for payment is attached. Subscription period will start from date of listing completion.

* “Australian made” in this agreement means a product is 100% Australian made with a minimum of 85% Australian components/ingredients unless these are not available in Australia. Preference will be given to products that are 100% Australian.

2. Take the product information for insertion on Showcase of Aussie Products directly from The Client’s website. Where necessary, rewrite ‘The Client’s‘ “Copy/Text” to integrate with the Showcase of Aussie Products format using up to date Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Authoritive Content techniques which will:
• Make it more readily found by ‘The Client’s‘ potential customer
• Improve Showcase of Aussie Products’ Google ranking
• Improve, ‘The Client’s‘, product inquiry rate
3. Annually review each product listing to ensure it complies with the latest Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) trends.
4. Aggressively promote the Showcase of Aussie Products website and ‘The Client’s‘ products via Social Media (Facebook) and share relevant ‘The Client’s’ product posts.
5. Where the products listed are:
Retail Products – All inquiries will be automatically directed to ‘The Client’s’ shopping trolley. Where ‘The Client‘ has no shopping trolley to ‘The Client’s’ Contact Page. Showcase of Aussie Products will annually provide a report on how many customer views occurred per product.
Custom-Made Products – All inquiries generated will be forwarded directly to ‘The Client‘.
Wholesale Products – ‘The Client’s’ products will be promoted via the Showcase of Aussie Products website and the ‘Business Opportunities’ tab to attract resellers / wholesalers / agents / distributors for ‘The Client’s‘ products. Additionally, ‘The Client’s’ products will be promoted via direct marketing campaigns within Australia to relevant businesses. All wholesale inquiries generated will be forwarded directly to ‘The Client‘.
The Client’s‘ products can be listed as either Retail, Custom Made, Wholesale or all three.
6.Suspend, ‘The Client‘, from Showcase of Aussie Products should a breach of these Terms of Agreement occur.

The Client‘ will:
1. Abide by the Terms of Agreement as set out in this document.
2. Advise Showcase of Aussie Products of any product additions and/or deletions to their listed range of Australian manufactured or grown products on www.showcaseofaussieproducts.com.au to ensure the website remains accurate and relevant.
3. Support Showcase of Aussie Products Social Media efforts by liking & sharing posts.
4. Allow Showcase of Aussie Products to copy content and photographs from ‘The Client’s‘ website for use on www.showcaseofaussieproducts.com.au
5. Warrant that:
a. Products comply to Australian standards of quality assurance
b. Indemnify Showcase of Aussie Products from any claim whatsoever due to design, manufacture, assembly, guarantee, product description or any other issues that may arise
c. Honour the product warranty or guarantee provided to client’s customer in accordance with Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC)

IF YOU WISH TO JOIN Showcase of Aussie Products please EMAIL US for a formal copy TO GET STARTED.

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