How The Site Works For Suppliers

Showcase of Aussie Products like the name implies showcases genuine Aussie-made and/or produced products … to the world.


Our experience working with hundreds of small businesses while a BEC Business Advisor contracted to the NSW Government Small Biz Connect Programme showed that a stand-alone business’s website however well optimised, only reached customers who are looking specifically for that business and its products.

Showcase of Aussie Products was launched in September 2014, initially as a marketing exercise, to address this problem. We have taken “Piggyback” Marketing [Low cost market entry strategy in which two or more firms represent one another’s complementary products in their respective markets] to a new level with more businesses and a wider product selection. Using the world’s love of Australian-made products as the common theme we have built this website to promote genuine Aussie-made products to the world – building both brand awareness and sales.

It has evolved to what it is today, with thousands of products in a wide range of product groups, today we attract over 1.9 million product views annually and this is constantly growing. Attracted to the site through good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Australia’s reputation for producing quality Australian-made products encourages the average viewer (viewers from all over the world) to search further through the site with viewers, averaging over 13 products views per session, most unrelated to their initial search.


Using up-to-date (SEO) & Authoritive Content techniques we list your products. We will rewrite (where necessary) your product descriptions to gain maximum search-ability. Many of our existing listed businesses have found that their Showcase of Aussie Products listing has found new markets and new market segments.

Your Aussie-made products will be:
• Featured on the Showcase of Aussie Products website
• One product of your product range promoted each week (approx.) on our Facebook Page
• Email advice on the morning the product is promoted to enable you to share the post
• Your relevant product Facebook Posts shared on our Facebook Page
• Your business promoted on our “Business Opportunities” Page to attract resellers/distributors

We will list each of your products in its relevant category. If we do not have a relevant category … we will create one. If a product is relevant in multiply categories, it will be listed in each relevant category. There is NO LIMIT to the number of products you can list.

Your business can be listed as either RETAIL, WHOLESALE, do CUSTOM-MADE …. or all three.


Directed to the site by the various search engines the potential customer views the product searched for and if they are interested in purchasing “click thru” to your website. If you don’t have a website – see below.

Realising that they are on a site that features genuine Aussie-made products they will browse through the site either via the ‘SEARCH’ box or via ‘CATEGORIES’ to find other product/s they may be interested in.

If the product is a:
RETAIL PRODUCT – The potential customer clicks though to your websites’ shopping trolley to see the price and to place an order. For those businesses who do not have a shopping trolley the enquiry is directed to your ‘Contacts’ Page. Once this potential customer becomes your customer they will contact you directly for all further purchases.
Note: Showcase of Aussie Products is designed to build brand awareness and introduce potential customers to your products and in most cases, this will be a one-off referral as all their future enquiries will go directly to your website.

WHOLESALE PRODUCT – Wholesale products are identified on the product listing and via the ‘Business Opportunities’ tab. Potential resellers / wholesalers / agents / distributors are referred directly to you.

CUSTOM-MADE PRODUCT – The customer clicks through to your website for more information and to get a quote.

Whether you sell Retail, Wholesale, do Custom-Made or all three, Showcase of Aussie Products can help you build brand awareness, sales and market your products to a wider audience.

We invite all Australian businesses to partner with us via this website to bring their range of Aussie-made* or grown products to the regional, national and international markets. (Over 70% of our viewers are from overseas)


If you do not have a website, provide us with your businesses profile, pictures and a description of your products or services and we will list your products. Showcase of Aussie Products can be used as your landing page and de-facto website. We can also redirect enquiries to any other site you currently use.

Cost to list

CLICK HERE for the costs – You can opt out at any time.
See copy our ‘Terms of Arrangement’.

Additional services available

B2B Email Marketing:

Showcase of Aussie Products can also provide mailing lists to enable you to to perform Business 2 Business Marketing Campaigns. To find out more.


* “Australian-made” on Showcase of Aussie Products means a product is 100% Australian made with a minimum of 85% Australian components/ingredients unless these are not available in Australia. Preference will be given to products that are 100% Australian.

Want More Sales?

Fill in your details here and we will contact you!

We will not share your details with anyone.

Want More Sales?

Fill in your details here and we will contact you!

We will not share your details with anyone.