Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd – Emu Oil Infused with Pink Sugar

For effective healing of skin and beautiful skin and hair – infused with Pink Sugar.

Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd Infused with Pink Sugar for Hypoallergenic Skin Care, Hair & Healing | Natural Source of K2 – Higher Bioavailability Compared to Other Emu Oils – Reduce wrinkles.

Did you know that many companies use harsh chemicals, heat, and other industrial processes to “refine” their emu oil?

Did you know that the refining process strips away the delicate nutrients and reduces their bioavailability?

Ultimately, industrial refinement processes turn this incredible oil into little more than a lubricant or carrier oil.

Here at Y-Not Natural, they use raw organic emu oil from free range Australian emus. The result is a purer and more potent oil loaded with beneficial vitamins, minerals and healthy fatty acids.

Y-Not Natural’s research is founded on years of experience covering all aspects from farm paddock to consumer involving: 3 laboratories, 4 universities and 3 major hospitals.

Genuine Australian Made Product – Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products.

Effective Healing
Many customers first turn to emu oil because of its healing properties. Applying just a little bit of raw organic emu oil helps most scars, burns, abrasions and stretch marks heal faster and more fully.

The natural anti-inflammatory compounds in emu oil help speed up the healing process and can help with debilitating skin disorders like eczema, psoriasis and chronic dry scalp for men and women.

Y-Not Natural emu oil is often used to help with joint pain and stiffness in people of all ages.

Beautiful Skin and Hair
After just a couple of applications of emu oil you will feel the difference in your skin, hair and nails.

Emu oil’s fatty acids penetrate deep into your skin and hair follicles to create superior hydration and nourishment.

Emu oil is also great for chapped lips and cuticle care on your fingers and toes.

Combines the Best of Science with the Best of Nature

✅ FREE RANGE RAW EMU OIL – Y-Not Natural only use indigenous free-range Australian emus for our organic pharmaceutical grade emu oil. Their raw emu oil contains all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids that are stripped away by industrial refining methods. The highest biologically active Emu oil available.
☀️ SUPERIOR HEALING – Emu oil is a hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (safe for pores) oil that is used to gently and effectively repair skin problems and wounds like surgery scars, sunburn, stretch marks, cuts, abrasions and dermatological problems like eczema and psoriasis.
✅ DEEP HYDRATION – Your skin and hair will absolutely love the deep fast acting moisturization and conditioning that just a few drops of emu oil brings. Treat dry skin or use as party of beauty regimen to tackle wrinkles, cellulite, and chapped lips.
☀️ NATURAL VITAMIN K – Y-Not Natural’s biologically active emu oil is loaded with vitamin K2. This essential vitamin plays an important role in heart, bone and joint health and may help support bone density and arthritis relief for men and women.
✅ 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION – Y-Not Natural know you will love the deep hydrating and healing properties of our pure emu oil. Extensive research of all aspects from farm paddock to consumer involving: 3 laboratories, 4 universities and 3 major hospitals. That is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction for every bottle sold. Join thousands of healthy and happy customers.

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You can use Omega 3 6 9 Emu Oil with Sandalwood on both your face and body. You only need a small amount of oil on your face to see amazing results within a day or two.

For the body, Emu Oil penetrates quickly and will not feel oily. This Y-Not Natural Omega 3 6 9 Emu Oil is the finest oil in the world for repairing dry skin and relieving aches and pains in the joints.

Sizes: 60 ml

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Business Opportunities Available

Y-Not Natural Aust Pty Ltd have business opportunities available for entrepreneurs; re-sellers, existing wholesalers, agents & distributors to sell their products – worldwide and in all areas of Australia.

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