Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd – Tasmanian Salmon For Pets 250 ml


Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty LtdTasmanian Salmon For Pets 250 ml – The Ultimate Supplement for Pet Health &Wellbeing100% Natural • No Residue • Non-Drug Resistant •Non-Toxic • No Side Effects• GMO Free.

ANUERA® ANIMAL NUTRITION | Tasmanian Salmon Oil for Pets is the ultimate source of Omega 3 fatty acids and a great addition to your pet’s diet to aid in overall health and well-being. This 100% pure and natural salmon oil will help boost your pet’s vitality and general health.

Suitable for pets at all stages of life; from infant to senior, as well as working dogs, pregnant and nursing dogs and cats, it is the ideal natural supplement for your pet. Tasmanian Salmon Oil for Pets has a distinctive smell and taste that your pets will love. Simply add the oil to your pet’s wet or dry food once a day. Tasmanian Salmon Oil is a great addition to your pet’s diet and because it is 100% natural, can complement any other medications or supplements that your pet is currently using.

• Supports joint mobility and stronger bones
• Supports healthier skin and produces a soft shiny coat
• Assists in maintaining a healthy immune system
• Supports brain function and development
• Helps protect against Heart Issues
• Supports Eye Function
• Boosts energy levels
• Beneficial throughout every stage of life
• Good for Pets with sensitive skin
• Supports Overall Health & Wellbeing of your pet
• Improves mobility and arthritic conditions.

The two types of omega-3 fatty acids EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) play a crucial role in lowering pain and inflammation associated with arthritis in dogs and cats. Arthritic dogs and cats, which are on regular dose of fish oil supplement, are more active and agile compared to pets not on the supplement. Not confined to just joints, the fish oil moves little further when it comes to keeping the heart healthy. Omega-3 has the potential to reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure. This natural component also acts as life savior as it acts as an anti-coagulant and prevents blood clots. All these altogether reduces the risk of heart attacks and other heart related conditions in pets

SIZES AVAILABLE: 250 ml, 500 ml, 10 Litre

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