Rhonda’s Art – Ringtail Possum 2

Rhonda’s ArtRingtail Possum 2 – This print is a reproduction of one of the Rhonda’s Art collection of original watercolour paintings by Gosford artist Rhonda N. Garward. Rhonda has always been drawn to the nature of Australia – the colours, the forms and textures.

A nocturnal visitor to suburban gardens in eastern Australia, the Ringtail is often known as a thief of rose buds. This possum uses its prehensile tail as a fifth limb to climb in search of leaves, fruit and flowers, and to carry material. They make a round nest lined with grass or shredded bark. Females usually carry 2 offspring in their pouch and young may stay in the nest or ride on the mothers back while she forages at night.

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Standard sizes are for frames:
Frame – 205 mm x 255 mm (8″ × 10″) – Image area – 105 mm x 155 mm
Frame – 280 mm x 355 mm (11″ × 14″) – Image area – 165 mm x 245 mm

All images produced by the artist Rhonda N Garward are copyright, and remain the property of the artist.
Purchase of paintings or prints does not infer or transfer the right to use or reproduce all or part of any image without prior written permission.

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