Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards – Solid Balsa Classic Malibu

Inspired by the solid Malibu boards of the 50’s and 60’s.

This is a great board for hot-dogging and reminiscing those good old days. The Riley Balsa Wood SurfboardsSolid Balsa Classic Malibu was inspired by the boards of the 50’s and 60’s which the Australians, Americans and Hawaiians rode at the small point breaks of Noosa, Malibu and Waikiki. The Classic should be ridden but nonetheless it looks great on office walls, restaurants, homes and shops, creating a heritage look. Own a part of surfing history!

Genuine Australian Made Product – Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products.

After World War 2 the first balsa wood surfboards emerged and changed surfing dramatically. These lighter and more maneuverable boards meant a more radical surfing style which soon became known as hot-dogging.

The Solid Balsa Classic Malibu Surfboard is designed and shaped from solid balsa. You now have a chance to have one of these on your wall or to surf on those special days. The lengths range from 8 foot to 10 foot. Go crazy and design up your own stringer combo.
Weight: 15 kg.
Type of construction: Solid.
Bottom Shape: Vee.
Rail Shape: 50/50.
Type of stringer: Triple cedar stringer.
Type of waves suited for: 1-4 feet.
Type of surfer suited for: Mature.

12-month warranty – you snap it – we replace it.
• The Classic weighs around 15 kg– like the boards back then.
• The strongest and most durable longboard available.
• Triple cedar stringer.
• Proven shape.
• Hand shaped and glassed in Australia – quality guaranteed .
• Great resale value.

These come with a triple stringer and a set glassed on D or Pixi fin – customs are available

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