Our Suppliers

Below are links to more information about our Aussie Suppliers. Their products and services featured on this site meet our Australian Guarantee guide lines.

To view their products go to the SEARCH tab and view in ‘Categories’. Suppliers identified with * at the end of their name.

  • boobah Swimwear

    boobah Swimwear

    boobah swimwear was born in 1994, became a patented trademark late 1995 and active in November 1997 when it was...

  • Dane Taylor Technologies Pty Ltd

    Dane Taylor Technologies Pty Ltd

    Mike Taylor of Dane Taylor Technologies designed and manufactures the Fair Air fire mask – the first highly fire resistant,...

  • Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards

    Riley Balsa Wood Surfboards

    Riley balsa is all about the environment and how our toxic footprint can be reduced, by using products like balsa...

  • Mylight


    Mylight was founded in 2009 by Greg and Vanessa Vowles. In 2009 the very first Mylight night light was made...

  • Tradition Country Clothing

    Tradition Country Clothing

    In 1988 JAE began production of their country man shirt range, under the ‘Country Tradition’ label and has since expanded...