Zentveld’s Australian Coffee

Blessed with a cooler subtropical climate Zentveld’s Australian Coffee grow their coffee naturally without harmful pesticides.

Zentveld’s Australian Coffee just don’t have the pests and diseases that are prevalent in most coffee lands of hotter climates. Grown organically, bird friendly and increasingly worm friendly, their coffee growers find biological practices are better for the overall health of their soils, their coffee trees and the environment that they are caretakers of.

As on their land, many growers have completed creek line rainforest regeneration and wildlife corridors for biodiversity. On Zentveld’s property they actively grow cover crops such as the legume pinto peanuts to add nitrogen back in the soil, and soft, low growing grasses to cool the soil and form a nice matt cover right up to the tree trunks to minimise mowing and weed growth.

Local growers use minimal water in processing compared to many coffee growing nations as they invest in the latest water saving equipment. Zentveld’s Australian Coffee use all crop and ‘waste’ matter from processing and tree trimmings as mulch or compost, increasing the health of their soils. Being friendly with food producers, what is waste to one, is mulch to others, so they happily accept other organic material to mulch their 40 acres of coffee trees.

With so few growers amidst horticultural diversity, there is no monoculture, or over-cropping across the few pockets of coffee growing in Australia. The sustainability and ‘green’ farming of local coffee growers is something we can be quite proud of.

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