Mr Bob Puzzles

Mr Bob Puzzles is a family business, proudly Australian owned, producing designed and ‘Made In Australia’, premium quality wooden jigsaw puzzles.
Each puzzle is individually designed by Mr Bob Puzzles in-house graphic artists to ensure every puzzle adventure is unique.

No two of the Mr Bob Puzzles, 4.5mm thick, wooden puzzle pieces are the same!
Complimented by the inclusion of the whimsical pieces or “whimsy’s” which are pieces designed as a shape to suit the theme of the puzzle, such as, a kangaroo, a soldier, a hat, a surfboard and many others.

The puzzles showcase images created by amazing Australian artists. Mr Bob Puzzles love supporting Australian artists by providing an additional platform to display their art.

Mr Bob Puzzles are strong believers in the scientifically proven health benefits of jigsaw puzzling. Assembling one of their wooden jigsaw puzzles is a workout for your brain – exercising both right and left lobes. Your cognitive function increases as both sides work together!

Added to these puzzles is an infusion of 100% pure Australian flora essential oils. Each have health benefits aiding in reducing stress, promoting relaxation, increasing happiness and improved concentration.

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