Mermaid Leather

Mermaid Leather’s humble beginnings were inspired by professional fishermen, R.W. Bubb and Andrew MacDermott in 1989 who saw a need to use wasted skins from the fish processing industry. Tanning fish skins was unheard of at the time. So through extensive research and development over a four year period Mermaid Leather finally achieved a strong, aesthetically appealing and soothing to touch quality fish leather that could be used in a variety of unique ways.

In 1994 Mermaid Leather became fully commercial by purchasing industrial tanning drums and a plating machine for its finishing work. This increased its potential to tanning thousands of fish skins in a single year. Andrew’s brother David joined the fish tanning force in 1997 assuming the role of tannery manager. Designers throughout Australia embraced this new exciting quality leather while larger contracts for wholesale leather emerged.

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