Lorraine Brownlee Designs

Australian artist and illustrator, Lorraine Brownlee, lives with her husband Ian (an award-winning printer and publisher) in the World Heritage-listed Blue Mountains, near Sydney, Australia. Her artwork reflects her great love for plants and flowers in all their intricate beauty and is inspired by the natural beauty of the countryside and bushland that surrounds her home.

“One of my favourite things is drawing the native plants which I see every day in the bush around my home. I do my best to observe nature and capture what I see in my initial pencil drawings. I then enhance the delicate, intricate shapes, lines and patterns to bring out their magic. By the time I come to the final pen drawings, I have turned the natural form into a pattern and each unique design seems to flow onto the paper, almost on its own.”

Lorraine’s first venture into publishing was with the delightful adult colouring book, ‘Wild Australia, Volume 1’, which includes 33 beautiful ink illustrations of Australian native plants and wildflowers.

Today, Lorraine’s work boasts an impressive portfolio of vibrant and uplifting full-colour illustrations that encapsulate the unique characteristics of Australia’s plants and flowers, oceans and shores, and its rugged terrain.

Based on these images, Lorraine Brownlee Designs has produced a wide range of greeting cards, tea towels, cushion covers (presently sold out), fine art prints, and limited edition giclée art prints. The product range will shortly also extend to kitchen and dining products, including coasters and glass cheeseboards – all featuring Lorraine’s magnificent designs.

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