Kangaroo Island Sea Salt

Kangaroo Island Sea Salt commenced in September 2018, is a husband & wife team. They harvest sea water from Vivonne Bay, on the south coast of beautiful Kangaroo Island in South Australia.

Vivonne Bay was awarded “best beach”, but also known for having the cleanest & clearest waters of the world. They bring the sea water back to Kingscote where they have hot houses, the water is evaporated in these hot houses using natural solar energy, leaving crystal white sea salt flakes.

They use all local Kangaroo Island ingredients to infuse the sea salt, Chilli, Lemon/lime & rosemary. Using a cold press juicer, the entire lemons & limes are used, skin and all, then mixed into the sea salt and back into the hot houses to dry.

The flavours are divine as well as the smell. The rosemary goes well with roast veggies or any red meats, the lemon/lime works well especially with fish but also chicken, or even a tequila!! The chilli is perfect on a roast pork, but the ideas are endless and completely up to the imagination of who is cooking.

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