Aussie Spinners

Aussie Spinners is a family owned company with a passion for wind spinners. Our large selection of wind spinner are ideal decorations for indoors or outdoors. Place anywhere where there is airflow and watch the magic of a wind spinner display.

What Makes Our Wind Spinners Different?
First and foremost, the stainless steel on our spinners is always high grade. There are two grades:

(i) 316 Marine grade uncoated stainless steel, which is highly corrosion resistant and suitable for beachfront or salt air environments – used for our Premium wind spinners.

(ii) Hard-wearing 304 uncoated stainless steel with good corrosion resistance, suitable for outdoor weather away from the coast – used for our Designer wind spinners.

Our wind spinners are packaged carefully to avoid any damage during transportation. Detailed user instructions are included.

Aussie Spinners is a family run company, bringing passion, skill and dedication to supplying only the highest quality wind spinners.

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