Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd

Tassie Salmon Fish Oil products are proudly manufactured by Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd in South Australia. They only use the purest ingredients to create some of the highest quality products in the market to date.
Being based in beautiful South Australia. With a rich maritime history and unique marine landscape their mission was to produce the best Tasmanian Salmon Oil products for the fishing, camping & 4WD communities, and bring sustainable health and well-being to our marine environment, through the products they deliver.

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat”, they believe that to be never truer in the rapidly changing environment that we all live in. Knowing what you put into the environment has never been more critical and for that reason all of Tassie Salmon Fish Oil products are PVA Friendly and carry the mark of quality and authenticity through the Australian Made and Owned accreditation.

After working on the project over the past 9 months they have achieved their mission with the Tassie Salmon Fish Oil Mix range ready to launch into the Australian market, with interests from NZ and USA.

The range includes a Fishing Attractant for the fishing Industries & Charters, a Crabbing Attractant for the Crabbing Industry and a Machinery Protectant that has an array of uses.

The Machinery Protectant is used to protect from rust and goes one step further as it inhibits the spread of rust. The industries this is used in is farming machinery, manufacturing, 4wds caravans, boat trailers, crabbing nets, fishing hooks, anything you want to protect.

Aussie Pets & Stock Feed Solutions Pty Ltd manufacture, sell wholesale, distribute, and sell retail direct to the public online and offline. Their Tasmanian Salmon Fish Oil is sold in bulk to Burley and Bait producers around Australia to give them not only a better quality product but a product that works better for their customers

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