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LED Phototherapy – gentle, affordable and amazing results!

Clairderm Medical AestheticsPhotonSmart Advanced LED – Clairderm Medical Aesthetics are expert innovators of LED phototherapy equipment. Clairderm PhotonSmart is the most versatile and powerful advanced LED phototherapy system for effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation. It’s the preferred system of many therapists and physicians because of its outstanding results for both aesthetic and medical applications that are safe, painless and require no recovery.

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PhotonSmart uses the very latest in super powerful LLED (laser light emitting diodes) for a non-surgical, results driven procedure. It’s packed with features: The large adjustable head ensures multiple, large treatment area coverage as well as optimal power and energy delivery of up to 225mW/cm² and 270J/cm² respectively.

The unique SmartClick™ Technology warrants that the single or multi-coloured LED light panels can be easily changed with no risk of them falling onto the client, unlike systems where the full head panel has to be changed when altering wavelengths and colours.

There are 24 built-in programs to choose from. These include monochromatic, polychromatic programs as well as the option to create and store your clinic’s signature treatments.

There are a full range of colours and wavelengths available, from violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, red, infrared to far infrared, for multiple applications including Erythema, Rosacea, Acne, wound healing, pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, collagen and elastin stimulation.

In addition, the remote-control height adjustment and swing touchscreen control display make it user friendly and the sleek, European styling ensures PhotonSmart stands out in your clinic!

Furthermore the 2-year warranty, full training, after sales service and technical support give clients peace of mind and ensures they get the best results for customers consistently. PhotonSmart really is the professional’s choice when it comes to LED light equipment.

This Australian innovation is part of Clairderm’s commitment to drive business success by keeping Australian salons at the forefront of aesthetic and medical treatments with expert technology that helps to delivers effective consumer outcomes consistently.

LED light treatments are a safe, painless and non-invasive cosmetic procedure requiring no recovery time. LED light treatments are completely safe and do not produce a thermal reaction which makes this a very comfortable and pleasant treatment. It’s just so easy and effective. No pain, no fuss!

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