Fondant Molds – Father Christmas Fondant Soap Mold

A quick and easy way to create your soap. Fondant MoldsFather Christmas Fondant Soap Mold - These molds are a quick and easy way to create detailed and consistent decorations for your soap. Size: 70 x 65 x 30 mm. Fondant Molds can also enlarge or reduce molds without any loss of quality or detail. Genuine...
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Weed Boom

EnretechPlus Weed Boom. EnretechPlus Weed Booms are designed to control all noxious weed and rubbish in any marine environment, whilst allowing water and marine life to continue to pass through. Sizes: EPL 069 Weed Boom PVC (610 gsm), 15 m length with 300 mm skirt, 6 mm gal chain ballast Custom sizes available. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click...
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Marine Containment Boom

EnretechPlus Marine Containment Boom. EnretechPlus Marine Containment Booms are an impervious barrier designed to deflect or contain surface spills or floating debris. Our products are fully tested for quality and ease of deployment. They are suitable for short and long term use in rivers, harbours and holding ponds. Sizes: EPL 072 Containment Boom 50 mm x 100...
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Aquatic Silt Curtains

EnretechPlus Aquatic Silt Curtains. EnretechPlus Aquatic Silt Curtains are a durable yet economic choice to control the settling of silt suspended in water and prevent it from passing underneath and spreading further. They are suitable for dredging, piling and other marine construction activities. Sizes: EPL 070 Aquatic Silt Curtain 100 mm float, 6 mm gal chain ballast, 1000...
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Portable Containment

EnretechPlus Portable Containment. EnretechPlus Portable Containment Bund Systems used for the temporary containment of leaking hydraulic equipment or drum storage. They are available in a range of custom sizes to accommodate a variety of applications. EnretechPlus Portable Containment Bund Systems are simple to erect, pull down and store. Sizes: EPL 077 Heavy Duty PVC Portable Containment Bund 1400...
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Vehicle Wash Mats

EnretechPlus Vehicle Wash Mats. EnretechPlus Vehicle Wash Mats are a large, light weight and durable vehicle wash mat with a standard size of 6 m x 3 m. They are made from 910 gsm PVC with drive over memory foam ends and are suitable for most standard vehicles. Sizes: EPL 082 Portable Car Wash Mat 6 m...
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Dewatering Bag

EnretechPlus Dewatering Bag. EnretechPlus Dewatering Bags will contain sediment and oil pumped out during dewatering operations and is available in two standard sizes. Sizes: EPL 073 Dewatering Bag 500 mm wide x 1500 mm long EPL 074 Dewatering Bag 1500 mm wide x 2500 mm long Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to see Why it Pays to...
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Silt Socks

EnretechPlus Silt Socks. EnretechPlus Silt Socks are constructed from robust non-woven geotextile filter cloth and typically filled with aggregate to provide temporary control for sediment run off. Sizes: EPL 075 Silt Sock 1000 mm long x 150 mm diameter EPL 076 Silt Sock 50 m long x 150 mm diameter Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to see Read more

Weighted Drain Cover

EnretechPlus Weighted Drain Cover. EnretechPlus Weighted Drain Covers are designed as an effective and economical solution for your storm water management, the PVC drain cover can easily be placed over a storm water drain during a spill. The gel filling provides the drain cover with substantial weight to prevent most harmful substances from entering the waterways. Sizes:...
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Weighted Containment Booms

EnretechPlus Weighted Containment Booms. EnretechPlus Weighted Containment Booms are manufactured from robust geotextile material and filled with gel, the weighted containment boom can be shaped around a drain pit or at the source of a leak to contain liquid during a spill. The booms can be securely joined together to create highly effective barriers to spills. Sizes:...
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