Biomaster – Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter

Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter is the easy way to deal with kitchen waste.

BiomasterKitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter when used with a compost accelerator (included), is the fast, easy, effective and efficient way to compost your kitchen scraps. Created using a 100% carbon-neutral production process from tough, durable, 100% recycled and UV protected material, Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to reduce waste without dealing with large and inconveniently located tumblers, bins or compost piles.

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Lightweight and portable, it is suitable for any yard or courtyard where space is at a premium and is the most environmentally responsible method of dealing with food waste. The Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter will enrich your soil and attract worms to your garden. The Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter can easily be moved to add nutrition to different garden beds or areas as required. The worms come up from the soil beneath and the enzymes break down the food scraps from the top. Beautifully simple, really.

To install the Kitchen Waste Wizard Mini Composter, you do not need to dig a hole. Mark the area of the base on the ground, slip the blade of your garden-spade about 6 inches into the soil, then push the unit into the grooves.

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