Emu Essence – Hand Cream 250 ml

Nourish, moisturise, protect and soften hands & feet.

Emu EssenceHand Cream 250 ml – This rich, non-greasy formula is designed to nourish, moisturise, protect and soften hands. It also benefits dry and cracked heels.

Genuine Australian Made Product – Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products.

Ingredients: Emu oil, Purified water, Glyceryl monostearate, Iso propyl myristate, Dimethicone, Amphisol dea cetyl phosphate, Phenoxetol, Almond oil, Triethanolamine, Carbomer 934, Methyl hydroxybenzoate, Ylang-ylang oil, Propyl hydroxybenzoate, Tocopheryl acetate, Edta tetra sodium, Lavender oil, Bergamot oil.

Available in 100 ml & 250 ml

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Benefits of Emu Oil
The use of emu oil originates from the Australian Aborigine culture. According to their oral history, emu oil has been used for over 40,000 years. The oil has been used to relieve minor aches and pains, help wounds heal quicker, and protect skin from the elements.

Enhancing skin moisture and absorption
The skin easily absorbs emu oil. This can help lock in skin moisture, making the skin less prone to cracking or drying out. Emu oil can pass this absorbable trait on to other compounds when they are mixed together. This property may explain why emu oil is regularly mixed into moisturizers containing other helpful compounds.

Stimulating the skin
Applying emu oil to the skin may help increase the number of healthy skin cells. Emu oil stimulates the skin to reduce the appearance of skin wrinkles and rejuvenate aging or sun-damaged skin.

Emu Essence hand cream has successfully been used for:
• Softening callused feet.
• Softening dry cuticles.
• Promoting healthy nails.

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Business Opportunities Available

Emu Essence has business opportunities available for entrepreneurs; re-sellers, existing wholesalers, agents & distributors to sell their products – worldwide and in all areas of Australia.

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