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LED Phototherapy – gentle, affordable and amazing results!

Clairderm Medical AestheticsCLAIRDERM PhotonLite LED & PhotonLite Diamond – Clairderm Medical Aesthetics are expert innovators of LED phototherapy equipment. PhotonSmart, the most versatile and advanced LED phototherapy system for aesthetics and medical applications, was the first innovation. PhotonLite is the latest innovation in LED phototherapy. Driven by the need for a smaller, more compact and affordable LED machine that focuses on aesthetic treatments. It’s available in 2 options PhotonLite LED & PhotonLite Diamond- LED and Diamond microdermabrasion.

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PhotonLite Diamond
PhotonLite Diamond combines 2 technologies in 1 system- LED phototherapy and diamond microdermabrasion. This makes it the professional choice for non-surgical skin rejuvenation with the added benefit of perfecting the skin. It’s packed with features: It’s powerful with a maximum power of 225mW/cm² and maximum energy of 270J/ cm², 3 colours- red, green and blue, 12 built in programs, highly adjustable head, 2-year warranty, user friendly, compact and lightweight. Outstanding results are achieved when treating age spots, photo-ageing, acne, skin texture, scars, fine lines and wrinkles with no recovery time. Clinics can also offer a profitable and comprehensive treatment menu of single or combination treatments that are safe and painless. This innovation is part of Clairderm’s commitment to drive business success by keeping Australian salons at the forefront of aesthetic treatments with expert technology that delivers the best consumer outcomes consistently.

PhotonLite LED
The PhotonLite uses LED technology to produce a range of light wavelengths to aid in many treatment applications. Being the latest in LED technology, the PhotonLite can provide not just monochromatic treatments (one colour), it has 9 polychromatic programs using a combination of red (640nm), green (527nm) and blue (470nm) colour wavelengths to attain additional benefits. There are 1620 powerful light emitting diodes (LEDs) on the PhotonLite and this allows a greater surface area to be treated effectively as well as optimal power. (Maximum power of 225mW/cm² and maximum energy of 270J/ cm²)

Multiple light wavelengths Red (640nm), Green (527nm), Blue (470nm) target multiple layers within the skin which broaden the range of treatment applications you can perform. Using the pre-installed polychromatic programs gives your customer the benefits of multiple wavelengths for faster, more optimized treatment outcomes.

LED light treatments are a safe, painless and non-invasive cosmetic procedure requiring no recovery time. LED light treatments are completely safe and do not produce a thermal reaction which makes this a very comfortable and pleasant treatment. It’s just so easy and effective. No pain, no fuss, just results!

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