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Tambo Teddies – Sheepskins

Ideal for the elderly or anyone who is confined to bed for a long period. Tambo Teddies - Sheepskins - Sheepskins are a natural product , the dense resilient and springy wool fibres provide total support and comfort for the body. Wool fibres create a natural cushion that moves with the body, eliminating irritating pressure points...
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Tambo Teddies – Peter Possum

Peter the Possum is the newest member of the Tambo Teddy family. Tambo Teddies - Peter Possum is a rather shy character, but once he gets to know you he is full of fun and surprises. Although Possums prefer tree-dwelling, Peter the Possum is quite happy seeking out any nook and cranny around the house where...
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Tambo Teddies – Baby Sheepskin Rugs

Large deluxe sheepskin rugs, for babies. Tambo Teddies - Baby Sheepskin Rugs have many natural health benefits - providing support for pressure points and achy limbs, regulating baby's body temperature to improve circulation plus being kind to skin and bacteria repellent. Recent research shows sheepskins can even help promote more restful sleep. Colours: Cream, Pink, Blue,...
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Tambo Teddies – Seat Belt Covers

Avoid the irritation of an uncomfortable seat belt with one of these soft and comfortable seat belt covers. Tambo Teddies - Seat Belt Covers - Luxurious hand-made woolen seat belt covers for driving comfort. Colours: Honey, Camel, Cream, Grey, Frog Green, Lime, Mulberry, Orange, Plum, Purple, Red, Steel, Teal, Yellow. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here...
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Tambo Teddies – Slippers

Sheep skin slipper - soft and warm, to keep your toes cosy. Tambo Teddies - Slippers - 100% Australian sheep skin slippers are soft and warm, to keep your toes cosy. Available in your choice of colours and in 3 adult sizes - Small, Medium & Large. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to see Read more

Tambo Teddies – Echidna

Introducing the enchanting - Echidna. Tambo Teddies - Echidna - In contrast to his spiny family, this little replica (130 mm high) is hand-made from soft Australian Wool. Echidna is a cute and cuddly, locally hand-made, Tambo souvenir which is crafted in a range of colours. Colours shown is a sample of the range available. Genuine Australian...
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Tambo Teddies – Koala Bickie Bear

A gorgeous flat styled bear with delightful white fluffy inner ears. The Tambo Teddies - Koala Bickie Bear is ideal for new born babies as it is soft, light weight and flat in formation. Tambo Teddies Koala Bickie Bear is locally hand stitched using Australian wool. Colours Shown: Bamboo, Ink, Silver Fox. Other colours on request....
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Tambo Teddies – Bickie Bear

‘Bickie Bear’ is a beautiful, soft flat styled bear. Tambo Teddies - Tambo Teddies - Bickie Bear come in a variety of colours and are a perfect gift for babies. Stitched with love, Tambo Teddies bears are tenderly created from 100% woollen sheepskin, truly an Australian hand-made product. The Tambo Teddy ‘Bickie Bear’ comes in...
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