Australian Mallee Art – Business Card Holder 3 – Australian Ancient Redgum

Authentic Aboriginal Art.

Australian Mallee ArtBusiness Card Holder 3 – Australian Ancient Redgum – Every piece of Australian Ancient Redgum is accompanied by an individual Certificate of Authenticity.

Genuine Australian Made Product – Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products.

Dimensions: 130 mm x 95m m high
Material: Over 5000 years old Redgum
Area: Melbourne, Australia

Ancient Redgum Products are crafted from redgum fossils which have been carbon date tested to be almost 8000 years old. After the ice age these great gums were buried under the banks of Australia’s largest river – the Murray. Over thousands of years they became impregnated with rich minerals from the gravels of the riverbed. Transformed into a stunning black fossil wood, it is sought after by artists for its intrinsic natural beauty. These products are crafted from redgum fossils and are the last of a kind. The quarry has closed, and they will not be produced again. To own this product is to own Australian Ancient history. It has been certified by Dr Patrick Greene (Chief Executive Officer Melbourne Museum) that the wood from which these pieces have been crafted is from a tree that grew on the banks of the Murray River at least 5000 years ago.

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