Aussie Products To You

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Aussie Products To You

Like the name implies, Aussie Products To You, will sell Aussie-Made products direct to the public. It will start off small and our ambition is to have one outlet in every suburb and town in Australia. (Launch – 1st July 2021)


Once appointed, person/s from each outlet will, while going for their daily walk or walking their dog, letterbox drop every house and business within their designated area with a leaflet featuring 2 x Aussie-Made Products. Once the cycle has been completed, they will repeat the process with a new leaflet.

Each outlet will have a Facebook Page (Aussie Products To You – {Their Suburb}) which includes an ecommerce site listing all the ‘Aussie Products To You’ products available. The leaflets will refer the potential customer to the Facebook Page where they can order any of the product/s listed. The ‘Aussie Products To You’ Outlet will then deliver the product/s to the customer building a repour.

Should you join us in this venture all orders generated would be forwarded to Showcase of Aussie Products who in turn will order the product/s from your business. This would mean that your business would have only one client – one account – Showcase of Aussie Products. All deliveries however would go directly to the ‘Aussie Products To You’ Outlet reducing freight costs.

If you wish to contact us re this venture – CLICK HERE.

Note: Your products must be listed on Showcase of Aussie Products.

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