Monthly Archives: December 2018

Tambo Teddies – Sheepskins

Ideal for the elderly or anyone who is confined to bed for a long period. Tambo Teddies - Sheepskins - Sheepskins are a natural product , the dense resilient and springy wool fibres provide total support and comfort for the body. Wool fibres create a natural cushion that moves with the body, eliminating irritating pressure points...
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Tambo Teddies – Peter Possum

Peter the Possum is the newest member of the Tambo Teddy family. Tambo Teddies - Peter Possum is a rather shy character, but once he gets to know you he is full of fun and surprises. Although Possums prefer tree-dwelling, Peter the Possum is quite happy seeking out any nook and cranny around the house where...
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