Our Suppliers

Below are links to more information about our Aussie Suppliers. Their products and services featured on this site meet our Australian Guarantee guide lines.

To view their products go to the SEARCH tab and view in ‘Categories’. Suppliers identified with * at the end of their name.

  • Sea Health Products

    Sea Health Products

    Sea Health Products continues the legacy of Betty Long, the ‘Kelp Lady’ of Narooma, in producing Golden Kelp Meal, a...

  • AquaYak Kayaks

    AquaYak Kayaks

    AquaYak Kayaks is a wholly Australian owned company committed to producing high quality, low cost sit-on-top kayaks. We only sell...

  • EVOHE Skincare

    EVOHE Skincare

    EVOHE Skincare – Today, most skin care brands hide the true toll their products are having on the environment, fauna,...

  • Brick Grip Pty Ltd

    Brick Grip Pty Ltd

    “BRICK GRIP”, using its Patented Locking Mechanisms, has developed a unique range of Wall Hangers from which to hang just...

  • Soap Creations & Body Care

    Soap Creations & Body Care

    Soap Creations & Body Care Soap Creations & Body Care is focused on providing high-quality Australian handmade Goats Milk Soap...

  • Murray River Organics

    Murray River Organics

    Driven by the passion to provide reliable supplies of healthy and sustainable food for current and future generations, Murray River...

  • Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

    Amiga Engineering Pty Ltd

    Genat & Wood™ pride themselves in currently offering the most extensive range of Australian made Helical inline Geared Drives, combining...