Serious Air

Wayne Thomson Patternmaking Pty Ltd is a small family business operating in Western Australia since 1996. We do Engineering Pattern making and machining.
We are “Outdoor” people and in our spare time we fish, hunt and camp out of a 4WD vehicle.
These activities necessitate a reliable air compressor to repair punctures and re-inflate tires after “airing down” for better flotation in sand and better traction in rocky, rugged terrain.
Tired of using the small, slow compressors, albeit some of which are very well made, we decided to build our own high-quality compressor concentrating primarily on reliability, longevity and super-fast inflation times and although mindful of costs we decided that price was secondary to our prime objectives.
Using new modified Auto air-conditioning compressors and marrying them up to industrial 12 or 24 volt electric motors we have, after much Research and Development, finally achieved our objective.
The unit is designed, manufactured, Serial numbered, tested and results recorded by me personally in Australia using components that I manufacture along with high quality imported parts.
Whilst we initially aimed at the 4 x 4 and Mobile Home market we have found that sales to Industry, Mining, Bush Fire Brigades, Trucks and transport, Boating, Road Construction maintenance vehicles, Farming and Agriculture have become important avenues for us, all requiring reliable, fast 12- and 24-volt portable air compressors.

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