Hari Har Chai

Hari Har Chai evolved from the love of chai and everything about it. We love the essence, the taste, the healing properties and the love in every cup. So much that I learnt the art of chai blending and the essence of Ayurveda to share it with the world.

From these humble beginnings, Hari Har Chai has grown to become Australia’s premier Chai brand, supplying both the Australian and export market

Consciously choosing to support Australian farmers, we use a superb grade Australian grown tea that have been grown in the same fields for decades. Produced in the Daintree region of Far north Queensland this tea has no tannins and is naturally low in caffeine; approx. 2-3% where as traditional black tea has 8-10%. Choosing to use Australian tea we minimise the food miles and the environmental footstep

Our spices where we can, are sourced from family farms in Sri Lanka and India. To this day keeping our authenticity and essence we, our chai goddesses, hand blend and pack our chai for you in our temple in Mullumbimby, Byron bay NSW. Hari Har Chai is known and loved for its superior quality and real essence as Australia favourite chai brand.

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