100 Series Gearbox

100 Series Gearboxes. The 102 series gearhead is one of our multi-stage gear units. They provide a compact solution to your system designs while providing significant 2 stage speed reduction. TECHNICAL DATA. Gear Unit Ratio (i) : 4.429 – 15.079. Output Torque (Nm) : 11 – 115. Motor Power Range (kW) : 0.37-1.5. The 103 series gearhead is one of our...
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121 Series Gearbox

121 Series Gearbox. For high output speeds the 121 series frame is designed exclusively for single stage geared units and provides a compact solution for your system design. TECHNICAL DATA. Gear Unit Ratio (i) : 1.447 – 4.813. Output Torque (Nm) : 10 – 129. Motor Power Range (kW) : 0.75 – 7.5. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to...
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Aerator Units

Aerator Units. The Genat and Wood™ aerator units are synonymous with robust design providing long service life and increase durability which make these gearboxes ideal for important applications such as aerators. Such as the unit installed on the right at the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand hydro plant. This Aerator dissolves oxygen into pond water through...
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