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VIBROSAUN – Sauna Massage Machine

Sauna Massage Machine MASSAGE THERAPY Massage therapy is a non-invasive alternative treatment that, enjoyed regularly, will deliver tremendous benefits, including: • Reduced muscle tension and increased flexibility and joint movement. • Improved skin tone and circulation. • Lymphatic drainage and detox cleanse. • Faster soft tissue healing times. • Reduced depression and anxiety. • Better sleeping patterns. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to see Why it...
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VIBROSAUN – Model MT-365 Sauna Massage Machine

Model MT-365 Sauna Massage Machine. Offering additional motor strength, the Therapeutic model is ideal for practitioners or individuals who are looking for more power and rapid results. Recommended as the choice of models for sports professionals, the unit specifically designed by VIBROSAUN Australia is achieving amazing results and is being acclaimed worldwide as an invaluable tool...
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VIBROSAUN – Model MT-245 Sauna Massage Machine

Model MT-245 Sauna Massage Machine. The MT-245 is designed to be used alone or in conjunction with existing hands-on therapies for back pain treatment, weight loss, detox and cleanse, arthritis treatment, fibromyalgia treatment, and massage therapy. The Sauna Massage unit achieves amazing results and is being acclaimed worldwide as an invaluable assistance in the treatment of back...
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