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Three Warriors – Full Body Life Scrub 150 g

Full Body Life Scrub. This scrub is formulated for strong babes like you! Now, wet your body & scrub, the different textures will exfoliate & hydrate. Bring on a new day with a little piece of Tasmania for your skin. Life scrub is the ideal way to renew your skin before moisturising, or prior to a...
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Three Warriors – Spray Tan Solution 1 L

Spray Tan Solution. With this tan solution - You will be rocking an anti-oxidant rich, natural tan customised to your skin tone. • Hydrating & Restoring. • Long-Lasting Custom Colouring. • Organic Honey Fragrance. • Toxic-Free. • Olive Tones. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products. Professional use only (as directed). Shake well prior to use and spray...
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Three Warriors – Self-Tan Mousse 200 g

Self-Tan Mousse. This Self-Tan Mousse is all about looking boss & highlighting the natural beauty in everyone. You will experience Tasmanian honey, olive oil sourced from the southernmost groves & pure freshwater from deep mountain springs. Instant results without the need for professional equipment. • Hydrating & Restoring. • Custom Colouring. • Toxic-Free. • Long-Lasting Colour. • Smooth Consistency with Olive Tones. Genuine Australian Made Product -...
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