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EVOHE Refining Toner

EVOHE Refining Toner. Refresh & restore naturally, with stimulating Australian actives combined with lactic acid to activate, tone and refine. EVOHE Refining Toner conditions the complexion, restores natural pH balance and prepares the skin for maximum absorption of Refining Serum and Refining Night Cream. It is uniquely rich in antioxidants and firming properties that will...
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EVOHE Refining Night Cream

EVOHE Refining Night Cream. Luxurious sustainable actives refine and stimulate your skin overnight as you rest. Emerge nourished, soothed and poised. EVOHE Refining Night Cream protects and restores your skin from pollutants and environmental stress. Enriched with Hyaluronic Acid to help plump and deeply moisturise, in addition to Finger Lime Extract and Lactic Acid which brighten...
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