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Headache & Muscle Relief Kit

Headache & Muscle Relief Kit. Ideal for use after sports, exercise or even during sports injury recovery. May also assist with relief of symptoms of headache & migraine. Discover the amazing benefits of aromatherapy! Contains pure essential oils of Peppermint Pure Essential Oil, French Lavender Pure Essential Oil & Mandarin Pure Essential Oil. Larissa...
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Courage & Confidence Kit

Courage & Confidence Kit. Discover the versatility & pure plant power of aromatherapy! Pure Essential oils of Frankincense Pure Essential Oil, Bergamot Calabrian Pure Essential Oil & Ylang Ylang Pure Essential Oil will give you a confidence boost and feelings of empowerment to stand up, walk tall & roar! Ideal for use before...
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Non Toxic Home Cleaning Kit

Non Toxic Home Cleaning Kit. Discover the versatility and delights of pure plant power! Aromatherapy is not just for massage or vaporisation; the essential oils of Eucalyptus Pure Essential Oil, Lemon Pure Essential Oil & French Lavender Pure Essential Oil in Non Toxic Home Cleaning Kit will replace the majority of your standard...
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