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Featured on Showcase of Aussie Products are many business opportunities available for entrepreneurs / resellers / wholesalers / agents & distributors for many of the genuine Australian Made Products featured on Showcase of Aussie Products. These ‘Business Opportunities’ are only limited by your imagination and are an opportunity to generate income as an individual, representative, business or company. These businesses are currently looking for resellers / wholesalers / agents & distributors worldwide and in all areas of Australia to partner with them to assist in increasing the product presence for all their products.

If you are an established reseller / wholesaler / distributor with an established track record and desire to assist in the growth of our high quality Australian Made Products view the Business Opportunities below. Showcase of Aussie Products will introduce you to the business, assist you with your application and in conjunction with our sister business – Be Seen Marketing – assist you with the marketing of these products.

Do you have the desire, capacity and willingness to develop, organize and manage a business venture along with any of its risks to make a profit? Whether it be to generate a little extra income or whether you would like to build a multi-national business, at Showcase of Aussie Products there are many Australian Made products which you could use. (Click here to see Why it Pays to Buy Australian-Made Products)

Businesses Ideas Like:
Party Planning – Do you have a large group of friends or family. Party Planning is a terrific way to start generating extra income at a time that suits you. Many successful large businesses started as a party plan style business; Avon & Tupperware to name two. The only limitation is your lack of imagination.
Sun Protection Booth – Set up a sun tan booth selling sunscreen products at your local beach or outdoor venue.
Kayak Hire – Set up a trailer at a popular tourist waterfront and hire out canoes and kayaks. Don’t forget to sell them some sun protection.
Tourism – Set up hovercraft tour business providing guided tours up rivers, estuaries, swamps, etc
Agency – Become an agent and introduce, demonstrate and sell products on behalf of one of our Showcase of Aussie Products businesses.

Naturally there are many more …. BE AN ENTREPRENEUR!

Showcase of Aussie Products will introduce you to the businesses who can sell you these products. In conjunction with our sister business – Be Seen Marketing – we can provide you with a Business Plan Template to enable you to assess whether your proposed business model would be viable and we can assist you with your marketing.


“BRICK GRIP”, using its Patented Locking Mechanisms, has developed a unique range of Wall Hangers from which to hang just about any household items. This unique design doesn’t just hang on the bricks as most other products do, it actually grips the brick.
Brick Grip is the perfect solution for wall storage. There are so many possibilities with this flexible product. You can use the different brackets on their own or in combinations to hang a large variety of household items. What will you hang on your Brick Grip hangers?
They are so easy to attach and are ideal for those in rental properties and those that do not have access to or are unwilling to use power tools. You don’t even need a screwdriver to fix your brackets firmly to the wall.
You can be sure of excellent quality materials and manufacturing standards from this all Australian product.
Included in this business sale:
* 2 Patents (# 752963 & 753259 – registered until 29/4/18)
* Registered Trademark (Brick Grip #970051)
* Domain Name Registration & Website Hosting (registered until 14/09/17)
* Tooling & Equipment
* Extensive Inventory
ProductsBrick Hook, Surf Boards, Surfboard Hanger, Surfing, Wall Brackets, Wall Mounts
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