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Business Opportunities Available

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The Original Aussie Uggs‘ Surf Boot was the original Australian ugg boot, developed way back in 1966. Other makers often call it the ‘Classic’ ugg boot, but we call it the Surf Boot because it was first designed for Sydney surfers, and we have been making it, true to the original design, ever since.

In 1966, the founder of the business, Bob Hayter, was asked by a Sydney surfboard manufacturer, to make a comfortable boot that surfers could slip on after coming out of the water with cold, wet feet. Bob was a wool classer, with experience in wool and sheepskins. He commissioned a footwear pattern maker to develop the original Surf Boot design, based on the sheepskin flying boots used by pilots in the early days of aviation. Long flights, at altitude, before the days of heated cockpits meant very cold feet – and sheepskin boots were an ideal way for aircrews to keep their feet warm. This led to the development of …The Original Aussie Uggs

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Products: Ugg Boots, Skeepskin Rugs

Business Opportunities Available

Although Aussie Uggs are looking for distributors, agents, wholesalers, re-sellers & entrepreneurs they will only deal with those introduced by Showcase of Aussie Products who will not only introduce you to the manufacturer, but assist you throughout your dealings with them, at no cost to you. Our Business Advisers will assist you throughout the process and our Marketing Department can assist you with your marketing.

Aussie Uggs are looking for established wholesalers, agents and distributors to promote their products to retailers – worldwide and in all areas of Australia.

Add Aussie Uggs products to your current stock and expand your marketing reach and profitability.

Opportunities exist for entrepreneurs to sell Aussie Uggs products.
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Below are some suggestions on how this can be achieved:

Selling to Customers Direct – Set up a stall at your local shopping centre/s and markets and let customers see the quality and range the Aussie Uggs. Take orders from your stall for delivery later.

Fashion Shows – Promote a fashion show at a local club or hall with models displaying the Aussie Uggs products. Take orders at the show for delivery later and bookings for future “Party Plan” venues.

Party Planning – Set up a Party Plan business selling Aussie Uggs products as an individual Party Planner or set up a Party Planning operation.

At Showcase of Aussie Products, we assist you with your Party Plan by providing you with a presentation on a CD or USB drive which will introduce and demonstrate the products, doing the selling for you.

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If you would like to explore this Business Opportunity or discuss your business ideas and require more information you can talk to our Business Adviser – (Contact Details). Our Marketing Department will advise and assist you with your marketing plans.

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