Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bumper Protection – Front & Rear

Front & Rear Bumper Protection. B-Bar attached to the front or rear of bumper bars with a double-sided tape, the UV Australian rubber eliminates minor Bumper Bar damage to colour coated cars. It’s appearance enhances the front and rear bumper bars of the car, looking as if it was made on the factory production line. B-Bar - Attached...
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Corner Bumper Protection – Black

Corner Bumper Protection - [Black]. These protectors prevent minor corner damage to bumper bars if placed in the position that looks like it is exposed to damage. Black in colour. Made of soft Thermal Plasticity Rubber Compound. All Bump Products are Australian designed, soft thermal shock absorbing material, that not only protect your car from bumps...
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Door Protection – Black/Blue

Door Protection - [Black/Blue] Provides bump protection to your car/SUV and other cars/SUV's when opening doors, especially when you have kids travelling in the back seat. Great for use in tight spaces, garages, shopping centres. Saves minor/major unsightly damage. Also has majic eyes that glow in the night when light from oncoming cars shine on the...
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