Monthly Archives: October 2015

Australian Woodwork – Red Hardwood Rice Spoon

Shorter and thicker than most serving spoons, they provide a good grip and 'dig in' strength. Made from either Redgum or Ironbark, depending upon availability, these Hardwood Rice Spoons are the perfect utensil for serving rice or any food that is heavy and sticky such as potato salad or pasta salad. They make a great gift...
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Australian Woodwork – Gift Bundle: The Comprehensive Kitchen Utensil Set

This bundle has everything the aspiring cook or new homemaker needs in wooden kitchen utensils. This Kitchen Utensil Set includes: • A set of Long Tongs. • A set of Short Tongs. • A Kitchen Spoon. • An Egg-flip. • A Wok Stirrer. • A Shovall. • A Shaped Stirrer. • A Spurtle. • A Rice Spoon. • A Patè Spreader. Genuine Australian Made Product - Click...
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Australian Woodwork – Mixed Timber Wooden Spinning Top

They are sure to be treasured by all who might receive one. These exquisite, collectable spinning tops are made by master craftsman Alan Williams. He uses a collection of extremely rare decorative timbers to achieve the beautiful contrasts in each individual spinning top, with the points and stem accentuating the three timbers of the main wheel....
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